A D***head Driver Left A Message On A Perfectly Parked Bike 0

Very often social media featured driver parked their car without using a magical thing called brain; but to show I am a fair person, some bikers parked like a d*** as well.

Today we came across a case where I would give him the top spot of ‘kiasu’ and d***head driver award. This post is by Koh Lee Na, a GS rider from Singapore.

The driver of this flashy white Mercedes A-Class left a note on her bike’s tank with a a message; “DON’T BE A DICK, you were too close couldn’t open the door.” Anyone who sees this message can jump to a conclusion that the biker is really a d*** for parking too close. But this is not the case. First, is a she. Secondly, she parked perfectly in the box while it is the Mercedes D*** head who parked out of the area. Of course, you can see the car beside the Mercedes parked the same way.

So kudos to the white Mercedes A-Class driver who won MinistryOfSuperbike.com Platinum Kiasu & D***head award!

(You are lucky Ms Koh has a big heart to cover your plate else trust me whole Singapore will be on you.)

Born in school of petrol heads, raised practically drinking gasoline and smoked by the burning tires. Left the 4 wheels and took up 2 wheels as a direct result from mid age crisis. It's little crazy but am happy about it.

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