BMW S1000RR 2020 Engine Blows At 255 KPH 0

Imagine the horror when your engine blows while you are riding above 250 kph. I can’t imagine that kind of horror I have to face even if it’s only for a few seconds. This is what happened exactly to a fellow rider who’s brand-new BMW S1000RR blows up the moment he touches 255 kph at Autobahn.

The video was uploaded by TheToastRiders and it shows the speed drops drastically the moment it touches 255 kph. The rider immediately moves to the side of the road and the rear-facing GoPro captured the billowing smokes from the bike.

If you pay attention to his rear tyre, you know he is bloody lucky because his tire is soaked with oil!

Born in school of petrol heads, raised practically drinking gasoline and smoked by the burning tires. Left the 4 wheels and took up 2 wheels as a direct result from mid age crisis. It's little crazy but am happy about it.

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