Ducati 1098 Ripped Off By The Chinese 0


The Chinese did it again. And this time, it comes in red. What you see here is not from Bologna but from Chongqing City, China. The Chinese were infamous ripping off iconic designs and selling them with a dirt cheap price tag.

wonjan3THE REAL DUCATI 1098

Wonjan Motorcycle Mfg Co., Ltd recently launched a brand new ultra exclusive variant of the 1098 which is named Space Ranger. One look, you can easily tell it’s an imitation of the Ducati 1098 and the only difference is it comes with 300cc 1 cylinder, 4 stroke water cooled engine. They even gave it a tagline, “Shadow land warrior, A beautiful thing.” What does it means? No idea.

The surprising part of all, we pay a visit to its website and Wonjan proudly publish their company descption at the homepage and what caught our attention is that Suzuki apparently is one of the investor.


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