Insane Reaction From Rider Protecting Pillion’s Head When Both Fell From Bike 0


What do you do when you and your pillion fell from your bike? This video is simply amazing. Watch the rider’s insane reaction when both fell off from the bike. His instant reaction was to grab pillion’s hand and protect her head while both were sliding for quite a distance. We are not sure if the pillion is his daughter or just another friend but what he did deserves a pat on the back.

However, the pillion should be wearing a helmet that fits nicely. Good job anyway.

"Saved my girl" ? Insane reactions ✔

Posted by LmsAuto on Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Born in school of petrol heads, raised practically drinking gasoline and smoked by the burning tires. Left the 4 wheels and took up 2 wheels as a direct result from mid age crisis. It's little crazy but am happy about it.

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