R11 Or S22 For Street? 0

Street tyre or track tyre? Which one is the right tyre for you if you are riding on the street? Plenty of confusion and plenty of debate. Should we use a track purpose tyre on the road especially at Karak; or Kuala Klawang; or Ulu Yam and list goes on. Fact is many of us is using track purpose tyre on the road (including myself).

In this discussion, I spoke to Fabian Francois – Expert Engineer in Field and Product Planning Engineering Motorcycle tyres of Bridgestone Europe and lets hear from the expert if those track purpose tyre is good for street.


Born in school of petrol heads, raised practically drinking gasoline and smoked by the burning tires. Left the 4 wheels and took up 2 wheels as a direct result from mid age crisis. It's little crazy but am happy about it.

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