Speedfest is our first long run project that provides the satisfaction to those who is hungry for speed to go all out in a controlled and safe environment. While most track days sidelined smaller capacity bike i.e. <400 cc; at Speedfest, we are open to everyone. Our pilot project; Speedfest Vol 1 was held on September 3rd, 2017 and it was a huge success. This is MinistryOfSuperbike.com long-term project and it will lead to greater and more fun and speedy event for many years to come. Speedfest is fully owned by MinistryOfSuperbike.com and it’s mother company NW Creative Solutions. 

With a strong collaborating partners in the list, we are confident that Speedfest will be the turnkey project in the superbike arena in the country. So join us today!

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Speedfest Vol 1 2017 was a blast and we would like to thank everyone for your trust and support given …

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