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Open-Face Helmet? Think again.


Some of us hate full-face helmet especially those loves to have fresh air on the face. From my personal observation, we can see many likes to wear open-face especially those on the easy rider. I think it is safe to say we can hardly see an open face on a superbike. It will create so turbulence so great one find it hard to ride above 120kph.

While it may be nice to have fresh air kissing your cheek, but it comes with risk as well; even when you are riding steadily. I personally had experienced a small rock stuck my full-face helmet and left a little hole in my GoPro camera that is mounted on my helmet.

Imagine with open face helmet, it will be like a bullet and that is exactly what happens to a rider in Europe. A photo went viral on social media posted by Top Rider Social Club where a rider with an open face helmet was struck by a small rock which left an open wound. It’s terrifying to see, I guess for those who are wearing open face because it looks cool, think again.