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Yes You Can Import Your Helmet Into Malaysia


Yesterday there was a post that went viral among the motorcycle media scene in Malaysia. I am not very sure who started it but some media quoted MinistryOfSuperbike. However, we do not own the photo; we got it from WhatsApp group so credit goes to whoever it is who snap the photo which looks like from a bunting in the airport.

Now back to reality, so is it true? The answer is yes and it is not new. This law has been in the book since dinosaur years. To make it easy for you to understand, I will separate this into 2 categories; import new (via post or hand carry) and for tourism/race purpose.

Generally, the law stated that all helmets must have SIRIM or JPJ E-mark. Without these, the helmet is not safe to use in Malaysia (although I find it very funny as some helmet without these marks are those used in MotoGP made by well-known brand). That’s local certification, but the authority does accept helmets with UN R22 Protective Helmets and Their Visor for Driver and Passenger of Motorcycles and Moped which is known as ECE22 certification.

To bring in any new helmet, it is a must to have the above-mentioned certifications. Without it, your helmet will be detained by customs. However, that is not the end of the world. It is fairly easy to retrieve the helmet.

  1. You need to write an appeal letter to JPJ. Once received, JPJ will issue a permit and you need to take the permit and hand it over the counter at the detained center near KLIA. You are required to pay import tax before you can get back your helmet. Do note that this is subject to approval from JPJ. You can write directly to En. Mohd Nizar, Bahagian Kejuteraan Automotif. You need to include;
    • Formal copy of the appeal letter indicating your intention to import helmet and for what purpose, the price you bought, brand and model. (Best to say for collection purpose)
    • Receipt / Invoice
    • Customs notification letter.
    • Picture of the helmet in all angles.
    • Your contact number.
  2. Every Malaysian is given one-time import permit from MITI. You need to write an application letter to MITI, go to MITI and fill up the K1 form for import. With the approved permit, you need to hand it over to counter at a detained center near KLIA. Same as option 1, you are required to pay import tax before you can get back your helmet.

I personally experience option 2 in the year 2012 when I bought an AGV K3 from the USA. After clearance and etc, the cost is almost similar to the price off the shelf in Malaysia. This troublesome method only applies if your helmet is delivered to you via mail or courier.

If you hand carry, you can easily get away from these, just remove the helmet from the box, remove all the tags, remove all the protective sticker; just bring back the helmet in the helmet bag given. When asked, you just need to tell the officer that you went overseas for a ride.

If you are bringing in your helmet (used) for tourism (riding in Malaysia) or race purpose; not to worry, they could not be bothered with you. However, if you are stopped by an officer, just tell them you are here for riding or race.