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BMW Motorrad’s latest Urban Collection actually looks ‘cool’


BMW Motorrad has been in the motorcycling game for a long time, and part of that game is coming up with a wide range of accessories as well as luggage storage solutions. Some of you may be aware of the brand’s Black Collection, and the latest Urban Collection was introduced for those who prefer a more modern touch to their commutes.

The Urban Collection consists of tank bags, backpack, side and rear bags made with 100% PA (polyamide or nylon) material together with TPU coating and 100% PES lining (polyester). In short, these bags are durable, functional, easy to maintain, and most importantly, great on looks.

Available in different sizes and shapes, the latest BMW Motorrad Urban Collection caters to a number of riders and bikes no matter the occasion. From daily travels to and from the office, to long-distance tours, all you need to do is just figure out the right combination that suits you.

The only issue with them is that despite looking cool in white, stains are easily more visible especially when you’re riding in countries like Malaysia with its unexpected weather changes. Scuffs are also painfully visible, even small ones. But then again, they are functional and durable, hopefully, enough to negate away from the minor stuff like dirt and scratches.

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