Over the years, the country experienced a high numbers of bikers fatal accident nationwide. The trend is worrying and in effort to create awareness and also educate the community, a book entitled 44 Reasons of Bikers Fatal Accident (44 Punca Kemalangan Maut Penunggang Motosikal) is published; the author, Ibni Khalid Jurait or better known as Lan King. Sponsored by SYM Malaysia, the book was launched on 17th January 2015 at Putra Hotel in Kuala Lumpur by Datuk Dr Tam Weng Wah. Director of Road Safety Department and graced by Dato’ Sri Arifuddin Mohamed Shah, Managing Director of SYM Malaysia.


In this book, you’ll find a detail analysis of the possible cause of a fatal accident based on actual accident that took place nationwide. Each of 44 cases comes with a chronology of the accidents, analysis of the probable cause of the accidents and a short summary and recommendations on how to prevent it from happening. It also comes with an illustration on how the accident took place.


According to Lan King, 80% from the 44 reasons of the fatality is not the biker’s mistake but the general road user. The perception given by public is always onto the biker’s whenever there’s a fatality. He added that with his 30 years of riding experiences, he notice that many general road users are still unaware and did not pay much attention to the rider’s safety. However, Lan King admitted many rider’s are fresh especially those just graduate and do not have much riding experience on the road and the needed more exposure and training to avoid accidents on the road.

The book is available at major bookstore nationwide at the cost of only RM18.90.

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