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A D***head Driver Left A Message On A Perfectly Parked Bike


Very often social media featured driver parked their car without using a magical thing called brain; but to show I am a fair person, some bikers parked like a d*** as well.

Today we came across a case where I would give him the top spot of ‘kiasu’ and d***head driver award. This post is by Koh Lee Na, a GS rider from Singapore.

The driver of this flashy white Mercedes A-Class left a note on her bike’s tank with a a message; “DON’T BE A DICK, you were too close couldn’t open the door.” Anyone who sees this message can jump to a conclusion that the biker is really a d*** for parking too close. But this is not the case. First, is a she. Secondly, she parked perfectly in the box while it is the Mercedes D*** head who parked out of the area. Of course, you can see the car beside the Mercedes parked the same way.

So kudos to the white Mercedes A-Class driver who won MinistryOfSuperbike.com Platinum Kiasu & D***head award!

(You are lucky Ms Koh has a big heart to cover your plate else trust me whole Singapore will be on you.)

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