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Conman Stole BMW S1000RR And Played Victim


A bold conman who stole a BMW S1000RR who turned ‘victim’ played innocent after his photo went viral. Recently I came across a facebook post from Encik Azwan that his bike was stolen right under his nose by a bold conman who pretended to be a buyer. On 12th December around 4.00 p.m., Encik Azwan allowed the conman who pose as a genuine buyer for a test ride but instead of test ride, the conman speed off leaving behind his pouch that contain 2 bottles of perfume and cash about RM10. Prior to this, the conmen contacted Encik Azwan via whatsapp under the name of Sham.

Encik Azwan made a police report and after a few days without any progress, Encik Azwan decided to post it on Facebook hoping that it will goes viral. Within minutes, it went viral and fellow bikers managed to trace the conman facebook but it was deactivated. However, they managed to trace his wife. Naturally, Mrs Conman wall will be bombarded with post.

On 17th December around 11.00 p.m., Mr Conman made a police report that he bought a bike from a guy name Sham and only to find out that it is a stolen bike. The report comes with chassis number and he also stated that he will pass the bike to police for further investigation.

Few hours after Mr Conman made a report, Mrs Conman made a police report at around 1.00 a.m on 18th December that she saw a viral post with her picture on it. In the report, she claimed that her husband bought a stolen bike from Sham.

So who is Sham? Is Mr Conman police report, he posted Sham’s phone number. According to Encik Azwan, Sham is actually Mr Conman himself. Mr Conman uses the same number to contact Encik Azwan before the test ride!

Anyhow, the bike is found at IPD Gombak today!

The story sounds a bit complicated but thanks to a picture summary from Haniff Hazim, you can easily understand the whole story.

Source : Encik Azwan

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