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Editor’s Desk : Thank you for your support and Happy New Year!


10881641_10155002851950128_4458692222026498919_nHappy New Year to all MOS readers, fans, supporters and also business partners. 2014 has been a very exciting years for all of us at MOS. We were nothing special but a group of bike enthusiasts who make sure we ride whenever we are on holiday, terrorising the mountain pass with our high db pipes.

Out of the blue, we decided to setup a community of riders. The name Ministry Of Superbike came in earlier but after few discussion, we felt we shouldn’t limit the friendship to just superbikers. It should be for all. However, we felt the name was catchy. So we decided to stick with the name MOS. So out of the blue, MOS was setup. Since our inception, we have gone through a wave of excitement. From nobody, we try to be in the front lines of latest news, activities and of course, try to test ride as much bike as we could as we couldn’t afford to fill up our garage with every bikes available in the market.

Here I would like to thank Steven Tan from Ducati Malaysia for rendering his support by giving us a chance to work together. Also a big thank you for hosting our inaugural convoy which end up at Ducati HQ, where participants given a rare treat to visit Ducati’s workshop and a feast of mouth watering buffet.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank Takong Motorcycle for their great support over the years. From providing technical support to our team at local track days and also extending special privileges to members of MOS who shop at their store. With the launch of the new website, I hope everyone can benefit from this site. One of the best thing about this website is dealers now can advertise their product for free. We have a lot of exciting program coming up in the pipeline, that I hope you will stay with us and don’t miss out.

Special thanks to our team of contributors Amba, Andrew Ho, Andy Ng, Andy Teh, Azlan, Frankie,Jason Beyond, Leong Wei Lee, Mahendra Prasad, Numero X Bladers, Patrick Dick Attenbrough, Shamin Halim, TCC and Zack Ripper. All these individuals are super human. We will see many great articles and write ups from them.

Not to forget, our merchandising team lead by Erick. I heard there’s gonna be tons of great stuff coming up ranges from T-Shirts to collectibles items. (pssttt.. I’m wearing ‘The Soul Mover’ special edition in my display pic)

Last but not least, despite all the excitement we had in 2014. We never forget the heart broken disaster that took place. Our prayer goes to those who perished on MH370, MH17 and QZ8501. And most recently, the flood at East Coast. Let’s hope that 2015 will be a turning point for all of us.

I wish all a good luck and a happy new year and happy riding!

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