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Family that rides together, stays together.



Wee is a very regular face in the biking industry. Not only he has been riding since he is 9 years old, he has won several races back in the old days. Today, Wee own a small RC Aeroplane business in Amcorp Mall. Being a hardcore biker, it is only natural that Wee’s 4 children inherited the passion from him. Although we have seen many other riders who owned more bike than Wee, but it is very rare to see a family that rides together. So, this 1st edition of MOS InPerson, we grab hold of Wee and dig further to know more about him and his family.

Can you tell us about your passion in riding, how did it start?
I started riding when I was very young. It all began when I stole my father’s bike during my ‘kampung’ days when I was 9 years old. It was a Honda Cup 90. Since then I have never stop riding. It has been more than 50 years now since the day I first ride.

What is your career? How do you make a living?
I owned a RC shop in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. I’ve been in this business since 1999. I’m selling high numbers of RC Aeroplane and I am the only one who could service a turbine jet for RC.


What is your first bike? Why do you get it?
My first bike was back in 1972. I bought myself a Yamaha LS3 which was the latest design at that time. It cost me only RM1,500. That time it was the best bike you can ever get in the market.


How many bikes do you have in total right now in your garage and how many bikes you’ve ride before since the day you started?
Lately I’ve sold a few of my bikes so what I have in my garage now is only 10 bikes. In my entire lifetime, I’ve rode more than 50 bikes. That is equivalent to about 1 bike a year. (Wee burst into laughter)


Does your family make noise when you bought so many bikes?
Well since my kids are riding with me, so I have their votes. The only person that makes a little noise is my wife. But I just ignored it. (Again wee burst into laughter)

Among all the bikes that you’ve owned, which is your favourite and why?
My favourite among the bikes I’ve owned is definitely the BMW GSA. I had that for few years now and still owned it. It gives me the best comfort especially during a long journey ride. It has the best handling so far.


What category of rider do you categorise yourself as?
Well, I ride many bikes before even superbikes. I previously owned a ZZX and a GSX R. I’ve race dirt and I owned few easy rider and also sports café. So I guess I’m all rounder. But for now, I would prefer cruising and easy riding.

What is the latest bike added into your collection?
Late last year, I bought a Yamaha MT-09 and my latest was the Harley-Davidson 48. The reason why I bought the Harley was nothing but just the urged to own a legend.


Riding alone, which is the furthest route you’ve ride before. Can you tell us your experience?
My usual route these days is Genting. Occasionally, slightly long distance to Kuantan. My furthest was Phuket. The ride to Phuket is certainly very fun but there’s nothing very special. Just smooth journey all the way.

What is your best and worst experience in riding?
In 50 years, my best and memorable experience is still during my dirt racing time. Over the course of 3 years, I’ve won several titles. Won 1st and 2nd place several times and also won the 4 hours enduro race. That was the highlight of my riding experience which I am still missing those good old days. My worst experience is the same with any other rider, accidents. On the road, I’ve fallen from my bike about 4 to 5 times. Latest was last year; I fell just 1 corner away from my house thanks to sand around the bend. I dislocate my shoulder but never lost any blood.

IMG_3958 (1)

Do your children ride with you always?
I have 4 children and the eldest is 32 years old and the youngest is 23 years old. All 4 of them often ride together with me.

Since your family is riding together, did you form your own club?
Officially, we did not form any club. But my 2nd son has a passion with designing and he did a branding for our family called Wee Bros Motorcycle. It is jus for the fun of it. They updated photos regularly on facebook.


How did your children start riding? Did you influence them when young and did you mentor them?
All my children have deep passion in riding. I guess is because they grown up surrounded by bikes. They just hop on and ride. So it is in their blood. Yes, I do mentor them and give some sound advice on riding especially when it comes to safety. And I am very happy that all of them have good riding skills. (Ha. Ha. Ha.)


Last but not least, do you think a family that rides together stays together?
Yes. I strongly agree with that statement. A family that rides together not only stays together; it helps to improves communications and foster ties between the family members. Today’s technology, we’ve seen many parents keeps updated of their children activity through facebook and etc. I am very lucky that riding has brings my kids closer and I never need to go to facebook and see what they are up to.

A family that rides together not only stays together; it helps to improves communications and foster ties between the family members.

So are you going to continue to get more bikes into your inventory? What is your next bike in mind?
That is a good question and my answer is depends. I never really have any target. I see, I like and I buy.

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