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Kawasaki H2R / H2 – You Need To Be Certified



Malaysia : Priced at RM150,000, Kawasaki H2 is now standing in par along with a Ducati Panigale & BMW S1000RR (even HP4) in Malaysia. However, does the price makes it exclusive? Somehow in Malaysia, the Continental bikes still belongs to the premium side. Kawasaki launched both H2 and H2R yesterday in Kuala Lumpur and revealed the price tag for both H2 and H2R. Although the price for H2 was surprisingly below expectation which makes it competitive; the H2R however was slightly above expectation priced at somewhere around RM300,000. For this much talked about monster, it is way below the Italian competitor; the Panigale Superleggera which is priced at RM499K. Both is now the premium machine for each brand. However when it comes to andrenalin rush, the Superleggera is no where near the H2R.

Enough of numbers and back to the question of exclusivity. Kawasaki announced that to own either H2 or H2R, you need to have experience riding a supersports at least. Upon placing order, your names will be submitted to Kawasaki Malaysia and you are required to be at their HQ for a test; to prove that you are capable of handling a supersports. It is unclear if they will loan you a ZX10 or ZX14 for the test. In other words, you need to have a H2 Licence from Kawasaki to own a H2! Now that is exclusive. So if you have been riding a naked sports all this while, it would be difficult or you to get a H2!

When asked by media on what is the difference between a ZX10 and H2, the Japanese representative from Kawasaki replied, “ZX10R have a better handling and H2 will give you better fun.”

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