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Parrot Drone Finally Landed In Malaysia


When it comes to drone, many motorsports fans can relate to this. Each and every one of us would like to have one. Unfortunately it is now banned from Sepang as there’s one fell onto the track during a race.

Drone made great video that even some good action camera can’t. Those days are gone when some aerial view shot can only be taken from a helicopter. Today, we can do the same from our smartphone.

Parrot, a French based company today launched their range of exciting products in Kuala Lumpur and I was there to be the first few to get closer to these interesting gadgets. Distributed by TJM Products Sdn Bhd, Parrot brought in both drones for professional use and rookie.

Prior to this, I did saw some video on YouTube introducing the aeroplane liked drone with speed of excessing 80kph with VR liked goggles where you can experience the real time flight video like a pilot which they called it First Person View (FPV). Never thought it will come to Malaysia. But today it did, and it is called Parrot Disco FPV.


It weight so light that it can take off virtually anywhere. Although it has large wingspan of maybe 3 feets but you can launch it like a Frisbee and it will fly on its own. The FPV is the most interesting as you can either experience the flight on your own or share it with another person beside you.

I can’t seem to explain a lot in detail but this is the video that will make you understand a lot better about Parrot Disco FPV.


Now you’ve seen the Parrot Disco FPV in action. However, it is no good for me as it can’t hover. I don’t need something that can fly that fast. Worry not; Parrot Bebop 2 FPV comes to the rescue.


BeBop 2 has maximum speed of 30kmph and it is far cry from Disco as it looks exactly like the conventional quad drone we have all over the market. But of course, with a slight twist. It comes with FPV and just like Disco, you or the person next to you can experience a cockpit like view through the VR like goggles.


While Disco and BeBop 2 is meant for professionals, they have some mini drones for younger or rookie customers. It would be the Parrot Swing which is a Star Wars X-Wing look-alike, Parrot Mambo, Parrot Jumping Night which can jump and its tire is expandable; and Parrot Hydrofoil that is aqua friendly.

The highlight of this product is that the parts is widely available and it cost a lot cheaper so that you don’t have to burn your pocket to get the replacement part. Sound legit to me!





The recommended retail price for Disco is RM6,999; BeBop 2 is RM3,699; Swing is going for RM749; and the Mambo is RM649.

For more info, contact TJM at [email protected]

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