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Petronas Reached Out To Uncle Chin


What will you do if you lose your leg?

Uncle Chin enjoys simple life and he lived with his wife and their adopted son. In year 2000, his fate took a rough turn where he met with an accident resulting his right leg was amputated.

As the Malay saying goes, ‘bagaikan Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga”, his streak of bad luck continued when his wife was diagnosed with cancer at the same time he met with the accident.

How did Uncle Chin react to this misfortune? Watch this episode of #PengejarImpian #PETRONASSprinta to find out.

PETRONAS wants to celebrate the inspiring stories of everyday Malaysians who have never allowed obstacles or circumstance to stop them from chasing their dream.

There are many such stories out there; tales of blood, sweat and tears but also stories of success and inspiration. Stories such as that of Uncle Chin.

PETRONAS launched Pengejar Impian, a campaign to inspire fellow Malaysians to continue chasing their dreams and to give three people the boost towards achieving their dreams.
From 19th October to 8th December 2017, PETRONAS Sprinta calls Malaysians to share their own inspirational stories. They just need to:

1. ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ the PETRONASBrands Facebook and Instagram page.
2. Watch the videos posted on PETRONASBrands Facebook page tagged #PengejarImpian and #PetronasSprinta.
3. Post their own inspirational stories on their own Facebook or Instagram profile page, with caption starting “Inilah cerita pengejar impian saya…”
4. Include the #PengejarImpian and #PetronasSprinta hashtags in the post.
5. Make sure the post status is set to ‘Public’.
Three Malaysians stand the chance to win a year’s supply of PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ and PETRONAS Primax.
The most inspiring story will get a special gift from PETRONAS Lubricants Marketing Malaysia to help them on their journey towards their dream.

Stay up to date with the latest videos and find out more information about Pengejar Impian at www.mymesra.com.my/pengejarimpian.

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