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PRDP Ends Season 1 2014 with a blast.


Progressive Rider Development Program (PRDP) has recently conclude their 2014 seasons and it is the only rider development program in Malaysia organised by Progressive Trackday. Season 1 sees many elite and not so elite riders transformed themselves to be race ready. The motive behind this program is to give a chance for riders to fulfill their dreams to race in professional level. Over the season, PRDP required riders to go through few series of test over a span of 6 rounds before they could graduate in this program. According to one of the program manager, “Nothing can be more satisfy when you see a group of passionate superbike riders improve round to round, from riding techniques , bike knowledges , fitness , race mentality and all the way to teamworks.To witness a group of peoples trying to fulfill their dreams , is just priceless.Racing is NOT ONLY about winning/losing , NOT ONLY about risking our life. If we can share our knowledge among others , we can make the sport better and safest.”

For more information about PRDP / PTD, visit [ilink url=”https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProgressiveTrackDay/?fref=ts”]Official PTD Facebook[/ilink]

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