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QJMotor SRK 600 is coming to Malaysia this year


MForce Bike Holdings recently launched the 2022 Moto Morini X-Cape 650 for the Malaysian market, but their plans to further expand their motorcycle brand offerings won’t be stopping there. As the official distributor for Benelli here in the country, they will soon bring China’s largest two-wheel manufacturer, QJMotor.

QJMotor is actually parked under the parent company of Qianjiang Group, which also owns Benelli specifically to market the Benelli brand outside of China. In other words, you can say that QJMotor and Benelli basically offer the same products, just different names in and out of China.

With that being said, it’s not going to stop MForce Bike Holdings from moving forward with their plans of bringing QJMotor into Malaysia. Their first model to do so in the coming months will be the QJMotor SRK 600 (basically a Benelli TNT 600 for markets outside of China).

The SRK 600 will definitely shake things up in the middleweight streetfighter/naked bike segment thanks to what the bike has to offer. We’re talking a 600cc bike with an inline-four engine that produces over 80hp, aggressive and modern styling, TFT screen, all-LED lighting system, Brembo brake package, plus more.

Knowing how MForce has operated over the years, you can expect the QJMotor SRK 600 to be locally-assembled, which also means that the pricing will be very competitive as well. Expect its arrival sometime in Q2 of 2022.

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