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REVIEW : Bridgestone Battlax Adventure A41


Bridgestone has upgraded their Adventure segment line-up with the launch of the new Battlax Adventure A41. The A41 is a perfect option for trail on-road bikers who love exploring as it provides a top-level wet grip and handling reassurance that will help you go wherever you want in any conditions.

Both the front and rear features Bridgestone’s triple layer compound technology, providing a superb balance of top handling and wear life performance pplus a cap and base configuration on the tyre shoulder that further improves stability in cornering.

The large block design provides the necessary rigidity for high speed straight and cornering stability. A41 comes with a completely new tread pattern design with higher void ration in the shoulder area to improve water drainage.

The construction of the tyre features MSB (Monospiral belt construction) together with a revised case construction that further improves contact feel. It also features the state of the art HTSPC (High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord) where the steel cord is comprised of individually rubber insulated inner filaments with high thermal conductivity to enhance heat transfer and reduce the risk of a blowout. With HTSPC, moisture does not accumulate between filaments, reducing the chance of oxidation.

The result is 8% faster wet lap, improvements in all performance areas and best of all, it does not sacrifice on tyre wear life. Bridgestone offers the Adventure A41 in a full line-up.

Also, don’t miss the full adventure video;

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