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REVIEW : Bridgestone Battlax Super Touring T31


Bridgestone has upgraded its motorcycle line-up with the launch of Battlax Sport Touring T31. The concept of this enhanced wet grip and handling while maximising contact feel; so that riders feel safe and always in control.

The T31 is not to replace the T30 Evo but rather sitting on top of it. So you can still get the old T30 Evo in the market but why should you when you can have the upgrade tire with excellent performance in wet conditions especially when it comes to grip and handling with a focus in low temperature.

The front compound used its latest nano technology which works at the molecular level to improve the dispersion of silica in the compound mix. It increases the rubber flexibility that will further improve the contact feel of the surface and enhances grip in wet and low temperature conditions.

The construction of the tyre features MSB (Monospiral belt construction) together with a revised case construction that further improves contact feel. It also features the state of the art HTSPC (High Tensile Super Penetrated Cord) where the steel cord is comprised of individually rubber insulated inner filaments with high thermal conductivity to enhance heat transfer and reduce the risk of a blowout. With HTSPC, moisture does not accumulate between filaments, reducing the chance of oxidation.

The rear features triple layer compound in a cap and base configuration construction that will provide the ideal balance between grip and concerning stability.

The contact patch increase up to 7% from 0° to full lean angle and this will generate higher camber trust force to make the bike turn.

Based on several test including using UltimateEye technology which primarily used on F1 tyre testing, the results shows 3% higher friction coefficient on wet surface and 3% faster lap time on wet handling track. Best of all, all these does not affect the tire wear life.

Bridgestone offers a full line up for T31.

Also, don’t miss the full adventure video;

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