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Review: FOBO Tire Pressure Management System



FOBO Tire Pressure Management System is a Malaysian product, made in Ipoh. Little did we know, they are famous in America but not in Malaysia. Thanks to Winmaster Sdn Bhd, we were given one set and we tested it out. This episode is more to the general review and we will put it into a reality test during SBR Trackdays next week.

This is a MUST have product for track goers. An unbelievable convenient gadget that requires no wire cutting and etc (so our bike warranty remains). The apps are downloadable from apps store and that’s all we need. The sensor will connect with the apps via Bluetooth and you will have a real time tire pressure update from the system.
For more information on FOBO Bike, please contact Winmaster Sdn Bhd at +603.9075.6191.

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