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Will Lorenzo Ever Become People’s Champion Just Like Rossi?



Ever since he was crowned as the World Champion in year 2010, MotoGP starts to show the ugly side of a champ. Rossi was told that he will not have the best bike and will have to accept pay cut. That’s when Rossi left Yamaha and started the Italian dream team, almost.

The little prick who made it ugly was none other than Jorge Lorenzo. A young lad who have no sense of respect to others. Winning 2 world championships made him felt champagne will falls from the sky everywhere he goes and the world of bikes revolves around him. He forgets, Rossi has nine world championships title under his belt.

The recent incident that took place at Aragon Spain is not the first rude gesture he gave to Rossi and not the first to many other riders. I recently watch ‘Hitting The Apex’ and I must say, the whole documentary indeed convinced me that I was right all along that Lorenzo is nothing but an arrogant icon.

He may have won the hearts of Yamaha management but I don’t see a chance for him to win the hearts of the MotoGP fans. What keeps the race alive is the fans and I hope Yamaha is not too blind to see that the high ratings Yamaha gets is from Rossi and not Lorenzo.

I hope one day, Lorenzo will wake up and starts to realised that he has to cultivate the charisma shown by Rossi in order to be a real champion. Let’s hope for the day to come.

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