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Zong Heng GIVI Convoy To Petronas Cub Prix Melaka



On the 14th June 2015, traffic on the busy street of Melaka was brought to a halt, all thanks to a long convoy of about 50 bikers from Zong Heng Motors to Stadium Hang Jebat to grace the Petronas Cub Prix. This event is organised by GIVI Asia and hosted by Zong Heng Motors, the GIVI Center in Melaka.


A small launch gambit took place for Joseph Perucca (Overseas Operation Manager of GIVI Asia) accompanied by Peter Yap (Sales Manager of GIVI Asia) unveiled the all new Maxia 4 V56 and V40 Monokey system which is the largest top cases in the market with a whopping 56 liters capacity.


Shortly after the launch, the convoy was flagged off smoothly by Dato Kon Tien Shin (Managing Director of Zong Heng Motors) accompanied by Peter Yap. We took about 20 minutes to reach the destination with a police escort and marshall before ending with a group photograph under the blazing and unforgiving hot sun.





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