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Ducati – Scooping Up Protest


MotoGP opening round at Qatar sees Ducati’s ‘winds of change’ aerodynamic scoop located at the rear swing-arm created a huge storm of protest claiming Dovizioso used a scoop to win the race. The protest, however, ended abruptly when the FIM panel of stewards rejected the protests. However, this case has escalated to the MotoGP Court of Appeals which will meet in Geneva in a few weeks time.

What is that scoop and it is new?
Tire plays a very important role in MotoGP and it is one of the factors that determine who win the race. Hence, controlling the temperature and prevent it from overheating is crucial and that is the exact function of the scoop where it will channel the air to cool down the tire. It is located right under the swingarm. This device is not a surprise as it was used throughout the pre-season test.

Which factory protest?
Aprillia, Honda, KTM and Suzuki lodge a protest with the FIM Stewards claiming that the aerodynamic device attached to the swingarm is illegal. However, the protest was shut down by the FIM Stewards after conferring with the technical director Danny Aldrige who said it did not contravene with the regulations.

Why Yamaha did not protest?
Yamaha used a similar device that channels water away from the tire in 2018 season in Valencia. Perhaps that is why Yamaha chooses to remain silent.

What does the rule book have to say?
“The MotoGP Aero Body is defined as the portion of the motorcycle bodywork that is directly impacted by the airflow while the motorcycle is moving forward, and is not in the wake (i.e. aerodynamic “shadow”) of the rider’s body or any other motorcycle body parts. Therefore the Aero Body consists of the two separate components Front Fairing and Front Fender (Mudguard), as per the diagrams the Appendix, General:Fig.5, Fig.6.

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