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Ducati Scrambler : Love At First Sight



Some called it modern retro, some called it old school, but we call it the ‘not-so-retro’ retro. Trust me, it sounds confusing. Back in the 60’s where most of us were humming the OST from ‘The Sound Of Music’ acted by Julie Andrews, Ducati worked hard to push one of a kind creation that sets a strong foothold in the USA, the Ducati Scrambler.

The Scrambler was the brand name for a series of single cylinder Ducati motorcycles made for the American Market from 1962 and stopped in 1974. After four decades, Ducati resurrect the Scrambler with it’s grand launch in Intermot 2014. This time no longer 250cc or 450cc, it is powered by a 75 horsepower (56kW) 803cc L-Twin engine tweaked from the same engine from the Monster 796.

Although it’s the very same desmodromic 803cc engine from the 796, it went through a heavy detune dropping from 87 horsepower and 50 lb-ft (68Nm) of torque down from 58 and it is air cooled.

We never had the chance to ride on it as the unit that we have is one of the two dry roadshow units brought in by Ducati Malaysia. However, MOS had the opportunity to get up close with the red saucy Scrambler.

I admit, I wasn’t really a big fan of a scrambler or a café racer. (Guess it’s due to the fact that I am very much a speed demon.) Meeting the Scrambler is like another dull date; but I was so wrong. I guess cupid flew pass and struck me with the arrow. I fell in love at first sight with the scrambler.


It comes with a classic round bucket headlamp with LED surrounds it, a comfortable bench seat and a high handlebar. The best part is it comes with a USB charger under the seat and the tail lamp is fully LED. I thought Ducati overstate the Scrambler but I am glad I was wrong.

It comes with a nice rubber, the Pirelli MT 60 RS 110/80 ZR18 for the front and Pirelli MT 60 RS 180/55 ZR17 for the rear. If you find yourself went too fast that your girlfriend almost fell over, the 330 mm single disc with radial 4 piston calliper and a standard ABS would be helpful.

Ducati said, “”The Scrambler name has much in common with the verb to scramble – mixing up, blending, letting the imagination run free, sharing with others. Ducati Scrambler, the two-wheeled alter ego of those who ride it, is a cultural movement in and of itself. It’s free-spirited, positive and anti-conformist, open to encounters with other philosophies and styles. Ducati Scrambler isn’t just a bike, it’s a world.”

Ducati believed fun doesn’t come with just 1 bike; so they came out with four variants instead of one. While all four models looks pretty much the same; with a high and wide handlebar, round headlights with LED rings, a USB charger under the seat, interchangeable steel tear drop tank with interchangeable aluminium side panels and the same rubber for all four; there’s slight tweak to it’s outlook.


The basic model would be the Icon. Considered as the basic Scrambler, it comes with a low seat of 790 mm, a dual sports wheels and aluminium finish for belt covers. It is available in 2 colors, the ’62 yellow and Ducati red.

Next in line would be the Classic model. More or less the same as the Icon, it comes with a brown vintage seat with diamond shaped inserts, a classic spoke wheels and color available in Orange Sunshine.

For those who wanted a little rugged look, next in line would be the Urban Enduro. It comes with brown seat with ribbed design, lined with technical fabrics. Since the Urban Enduro was built for the less travelled roads, hence it comes with a fork protectors, engine sump guards, headlights grille protector and a cross bar to stiffen the wide handlebar. The Urban Enduro is the only model that comes with a higher mudguard and the only color available is Wild Green.

When the 3 variants could not satisfy your needs for it is being a little retro, the only models that stood out from the rest that fits right in the modern age is the Full Throttle. With a black wild look, the Full Throttle comes prepared with a Termignoni racing exhaust that will blow you away. To meet the speed demand, it comes with a lower track inspired handlebar, a short mudguard, and a sporty tail.

The Scrambler looks nice, simple and I have begun to develop some imaginations with myself on the bike zooming pass the modern day city on it, with a rugged leather jacket, torn out jeans and a classic open face helmet; I believe getting a chick hop on to my bike would be a walk in the park.

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