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MOTACK Heats Up Malaysian Moto Gymkhana At Citta Mall


Gymkhana, a type of motorsport that is similar to autocross; where competitor has to complete a paved course restricted with obstacles made of pylons and some other objects in the shortest possible time. When it comes to ‘Gymkhana’, most petrol heads would relate it to cars. Gymkhana is made famous over the recent years by Ken Block, with a series of video showing Block performing stunts.

Gymkhana is very popular in Japan and today, it is no longer an exclusive motorsport to cars. In 2011, Moto Gymkhana Association was set up in the UK and Moto Gymkhana today is gaining popularity from bikers all over the world.

In 2012, Harris Iskandar Taib, the CEO/Founder of HIT Communications brought the fever over to Malaysia and since then, it is widely known as MOTACK (a short for Motocycle Time Attack). What started lukewarm in 2012 has grown steadily over the years and last weekend, MOS witnessed a huge turnout of 85 riders from Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia in the MOTACK Round One 2015, that took place in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara from 7th until 8th February 2015.

“A lot of people ask what is MOTACK. Well, besides it being a moto gymkhana or skills riding competition, MOTACK is about building friendships, strengthening thecamaraderie among motorcyclists, the sharing of technical knowledge, networking, and promoting greater road safety awareness. At the end of the day, it is all about the riders. The event is just a platform. It was and is never about the organiser but it is for all of you – the riders, the community and the businesses.” Harris said.

Over a span of 2 days, MOTACK draws thousands of crowds from all walks of life. Family swarmed the event site to catch a glimpse of competitor in action. 85 participants, 7 categories, 5 trophies for each category; it was a non stop action at the car park area in front of Citta Mall.

Round 1 of 2015 sees a great participation not only from competitor; there’s a significant positive response from exhibitors. This round, we see 2 principals participating and a high numbers of dealers. KTM stole the limelight deploying its mobile stage and petite models and Ducati Malaysia, crossed over with MOS; sent their entire fleet of Ducati bikes for test ride. The response from crowds is very encouraging that sees successful sales of a Ducati Diavel and a Ducati Multistrada. Crossing over with MOS as well, Takong Racing deployed the infamous Yamaha MT09 for test ride and a Yamaha MT07. Other prominent dealers that took part is Motosing, Shoei, JKJR and RoadStar Magazine.

The grand highlight of the exhibition is the all new Ducati Scrambler on display by MOS. Crossing over with Ducati Malaysia, the Scrambler on display is one of the two units available in Malaysia. Visitors are given the opportunity to selfie with the Scrambler.

MOTACK allows participant to showcase their motorcycle handling skills in a safe and controlled environment. Unlike competitive racing; only one participant is allowed to be on the course each time. Hence, chances of collision between two riders are virtually impossible.

It is deceptively difficult to control the bike although the speed might be slow. Competitor has to apply all their known riding skills such as precision braking, throttle control, gear usage, hand and eye coordination. Such skills helps improve riding on the road, thus saving lives.

The categories in MOTACK as below;

• Below 150cc
• Below 250cc
• Below 700cc
• Above 700cc
• Above 1000cc
• Ducati Club Challenge
• Desmodonna Cup

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