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Furygan Launched Speed Series In Malaysia


Furygan recently launched the ‘Speed’ series, the latest addition of protection jacket to its 2015 product portfolio. The ‘Speed’ series is a unique hybrid of both leather and mesh; providing air ventilation to those who needs maximum protection with ultimate comfort, especially those in the hot and humid Asean market.

Jean Marc Autheman, Furygan’s Global Export Manager and Racing Manager said, “This Speed series is a brand new addition to our product portfolio and this prototype is the only one available and you are the first in the world to see this as we just had it made few hours before my flight to Kuala Lumpur.”

Jean also took the opportunity to introduce few other latest collection of Furygan’s gear which is powered by the high tech D3O technology. D3O is a proven Impact Protection material which is made of an advance molecule that behaves like a liquid but at the moment of an impact, the molecule pulls together and formed a tough but soft impact absorbent material.

“A conventional glove has sizes and our hand sizes vary. The plastic protector on conventional gloves may fit one’s hand perfectly and some may not although both are having the same size. Hence, some will feel very uncomfortable wearing the conventional glove. The D3O technology replaces the hard plastic and it adapts to the rider’s hand, hence comfortable to the rider’s hand while providing a maximum protection on impact.” Jean added.

The D3O technology is made available for all gears including boots, jacket, pants, glove and racing suit.

Jean also took the opportunity to introduce the latest D-Air protection series. D-Air is the air bag system made by Dainese which is an intelligent protection system that detects dangerous situation and automatically inflates special airbags around the rider’s body that is incorporated into the racing suit.

“Furygan works with Dainese to have D-Air system installed in Furygan’s racing suit and this system is first tested by Sam Lowes and it works perfectly.” Jean added.

The price for ‘Speed’ series is about Euro 330 and for Malaysia market; the price will be announced very soon. Furygan product is available in Malaysia through their master distributor Winmaster Sdn Bhd. For more information, please contact Ron at +60 12 203 0520

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