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MotoGP : Return of the Winglets?



Winglets are nothing new in MotoGP as we’ve seen winglets on Rossi’s Ducati, Nicky Hayden and Casey Stoner. This year, Ducati reintroduce the usage of winglets on both of their bike.

Unlike previous design which is rather flat, the current winglet design seems to generate more downforce to the front tire as it is contoured downwards just like those on F1 cars.


MotoGP San Marino 2015 sees both Yamaha rider Rossi and Lorenzo fixed a winglet onto their bike. However, during the race, only Rossi’s bike has the winglet on his dry setup bike.

According to regulations, the width of the winglets must not be more than the width of the fairing. Ducati is seen to have a little extension on the grip area of the fairing but I am not sure with Yamaha.

Would the winglet be the necessity in MotoGP?

Ducati Bike image credit to anangcozz.com

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