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H2R Spotted Running In



It was like a dream. The fuzz was all over at the fourth quarter of 2014 and it just died down. Nobody spoke about the Godzilla. It was said that the Kawasaki H2 and H2R will be made available in the market at the end of first quarter or early second quarter. So, the news seems to be legit as one of our readers spotted a H2R running in. We believe it the bike which will be used by Kawasaki Malaysia for the rider certification test. It is said that you need to go through a series of test before you can purchase the H2 / H2R.


Kawasaki H2R is priced somewhere around RM300,000 and H2 is targetted below RM154,000. Kawasaki Malaysia launched both model together with Kawasaki Vulcan S which is priced below RM30,000.

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