Launched at EICMA 2014, the Yamaha YZF R1 and the R1 M is one of the most anticipated bike. Rumours is crawling all over the web when Kawasaki released a sneak peek of the H2R and all motorcycle petrol head is wondering if Yamaha is doing anything about it. Yamaha kept their lips tightly sealed and only to release the sneak peek after H2R was launched. While it is speculated that both of the YZF R1 and R1 M will arrived Malaysian shore in mid 2015, everyone was wondering how much would it cost. We bet that it will give Kawasaki a good run for their money. We recently spotted Welly Klang, a local importer posted the price and starts to accept booking. The YZF R1 is priced at RM126,000 while the R1M at RM159,000. For more info, please contact BEN at +60122323602.



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