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I Charge My Bike Battery At Home So It Wont Kaput Halfway Of Nowhere


You hop on your bike, you put in the key, turned it to on, flipped the electronic starter, and nothing happened. This is all too familiar scenes for many of us. What could possibly go wrong?

I remembered one eventful Sunday. I was supposed to meet up some usual suspect for a Sunday ride, I arrived at the meeting place early and I turned off my bike. When the rest came, I tried to start my bike and it just won’t start. The battery was dead and I am along the main road. We left with no choice but to push start.

Or worst, during one of our Sunday ride, our dear friend’s CBR died in the middle of the road while we were waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Again, we have to push start his bike and imagine under hot sun in a full suit.

That two real life situation above is enough to make me pray that my battery won’t die. But how can I make sure it doesn’t? Do I have to unscrew my seat and go through all the hassle just to check the battery strength with a voltmeter? Just too trouble some. But I am lucky now that I have a solution from CTEK.

CTEK is a smart battery charger that allows me to charge my battery at home. All I have to do is to plug the given cable to my battery and connect it with the adapter that comes with indicator; switch on the power and voila. I am charging my battery at home.

I’ve wrote an introduction to who is CTEK previously so I wont be talking much about the company. For more info on who is CTEK, click here for more. CTEK Smart Battery Charger

Before this, I was given the OEM cable and it’s a little short. The socket end right under my seat and I have to remove the body part just to charge the battery. Inconveniently convenient. I can’t be doing this all the time.

So I made a phone call to CTEK and they give me a solution. I just need to open the body parts for one last time to fix the extension cable for the socket. Now, I just need to remove the seat cover / seat to charge my battery.

FYI, my battery is the OEM battery since day one I bought the bike which is somewhere around December 2012. Haven’t change since and I made it a habit to charge the battery the night before I ride. Hopefully my battery can last me for another 2 years or more.

Or at least now, I don’t have to worry about my bike died halfway of nowhere.

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