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Kawasaki Malaysia launches the all new Z900RS


Kawasaki Malaysia launches the all new Z900RS in One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya today. The new Modern Retro Z900RS is a reborn of its 1970s legend, the Kawasaki’s original king of cool Z1. The new Z900RS 948cc engine is a reworked engine to have more low end power for those who doesn’t really need to unleash the top end power of a Z900 resulting a drop from 125 hp to a 111 hp.

The Z900 comes in 2 colours variant; Orange price at RM69,900 and Green at RM67,900. Kawasaki Malaysia announced that the current batch is CBU while it may or may not be a CKD in near future.

Right now, there are no words from Kawasaki Malaysia that the hippier lime green version; Z900RS Café will come into Malaysia although we very much hope it will. However, Kawasaki Malaysia did not rule it out as yet so let’s just hope the café version will land in out shore very soon.

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