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A Short Trip To Amphawa Floating Market


It’s my official 1st weekend getaway in Bangkok since I kind of migrated here from KL. Together with my team, we took a little time off to visit the Amphawa Floating Market. It does make sense and it’s great to visit this market which is also one of my colleague’s hometown; and to make it a little juicer, who else better to bring me around than Miss Tourism Thailand herself. She’s doing her job promoting Thailand to me!

So we left our condominium about 2.00 pm and almost immediately, we got ourselves stuck in the expressway. It’s a long weekend since coming Tuesday is Thailand King’s birthday so many would have taken a leave on Monday.

Nearly 90 minutes journey, we make a quick stop at Don Hoi Lot, a local seaside hotspot for locals. I don’t feel like a stranger here as it looks almost like Terengganu back in Malaysia. The only difference is it has a temple which I was told is the temple of the son of the fifth King of Thailand.

After about 30 minutes, we continue our journey to Amphawa Floating Market which is about 15 minutes away. While on the way, we pass by Mae Klong train market. I managed to snap a picture but of course without the crowds.

Amphawa Floating Market is almost like a night market. Only difference is there’s a river in between with small boats selling food or some vegetables. But mostly food. However, I find Damneon Saduak Floating Market has more boats on the river.

Nevertheless, there’s heaps of food stall in Amphawa and it’s selling at dirt cheap price. Half a dozen of huge prawns for 100 baht and the seafood is really fresh.

Our target was one of the seafood restaurant by the river which the dishes were cooked on a boat. Not too bad, look at the amount we ordered and it cost only 1400 baht (of course we have discount as we have Miss Thailand Tourism with us).

Not to be missed, the boat noodle that cost less than 65 baht for 3 bowls and a pepsi. We ended the night with a short walk around and reached our condo about 8pm at night. I will definitely have another round of this trip again.

1. Don Hoi Lot
2. Amphawa Floating Market

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