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Riding Kawasaki Ninja H2 In The City



What is the max speed? How many horse power? These are among the few question we will hear when the topic touches Kawasaki Ninja H2. With that price tag; the latest hypersports sensation by Kawasaki is not that affordable to many, but what if you could.

Since we have the H2R for the track, so we pretended that whoever bought a H2 might just ride it over to a coffee house, park at the sidewalk, enjoying the coffee while watching onlookers look at your H2. Priceless.

We decided to have a little test in a very different way. Instead of riding the H2 in the track, which 98 out of 100 medias will do that (in fact we did too), we took it a little further and a little slower; right into the middle of a horrendous traffic congestion in the center of the city.

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    Not a pro rider, never a racer, not very technical savvy; just a plain old fashion speed freak and for sure someone who loves to ride. Love both 4 and 2 wheels.