I am only three weeks away from my first ever trip to Suzuka 8Hours. The good news is: I have sorted out the flights and accommodations and the next most important thing to do is to get myself my much-awaited ticket for Suzuka 8Hours and planning my itinerary particularly transportation from Osaka to the Suzuka circuit.

Similar to many such events, tickets can be purchased from their official website. In this case, I went into Suzuka 8Hours official ticket page which is nested inside Suzuka circuit main website. (

Firstly, I need to understand the seating location around the circuit. On any usual race like MotoGP or World Superbike Championship, I would surely go for the seats located at the toughest and sharpest turn as there will definitely be more excitement especially the overtaking manoeuvres and probably some spills. Touch wood.

However, for Suzuka 8Hours, my preferred and only choice is to be seated at the grandstand. Reason being that Suzuka 8Hours is an endurance race and the uniqueness of an endurance race is during the flag off. Unlike conventional races where more racers would be lining up nicely at the starting grid, Suzuka 8Hours will have their racers line up at one side of the track and their bikes on the other side of the track. At the blow of the horn, racers would then run across the track and literally hop onto their bikes before speeding down the tarmac.

From Suzuka 8Hours website, it is very easy to buy tickets. The type of seating is very clearly shown and they have a video showing a complete view from the seating area. I will explain step by step.

Choices of seat available for purchase.
Choices of seat available for purchase.


Step 1: Select the type of ticket.
Step 2: View the video that shows the selected seat.
Step 3: Once you like the seat you preferred, scroll down and click either one of the ‘Buy Ticket’ link. Both is a 3rd party ticketing agent. Not to worry, both are selling at the same price.


Step 1L Select the seat and Step 2: Watch the video shown below for the selected seat overview.
Step 1L Select the seat and Step 2: Watch the video shown below for the selected seat overview.


Step 3: Select either one gateway to purchase the ticket.
Step 3: Select either one gateway to purchase the ticket.


In my case, I choose to buy from ‘Grand Prix Tickets’. No reason why since both is selling at same price. Once I clicked the button, I was redirected to another website. I choose my preferred seat which is ‘V2’ grandstand. It is an assigned seat area with roof over your head, a perfect option to escape from the hot sun.




Once I am satisfied with my selection, I check out and just like any other e-commerce website, I am required to key in my contact details. I was given the options to pay using Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and American Express. Once payment is completed, the ticketing agent sent a confirmation to my email followed by an official receipt the following day. The email includes instruction to collect my tickets at Suzuka Circuit on my arrival.

Is that simple!


General Seat View – USD56.97

V1 Upgrade – USD54.70

V2 Upgrade (Covered) – USD86.60

Paddock – USD154.97
No video available.



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