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Vespa unveils Justin Bieber special edition model


Vespa is probably one of the most active companies that constantly thrives on releasing special edition models of its current line-up, and its latest project might just be the one that carries the most hype.

Vespa’s latest collaboration is with none other than Justin Bieber himself, and the project is simply titled ‘Justin Bieber X Vespa’. Essentially, it’s a Vespa Sprint 150 that has been dunked in white paint.

Everything about it is white from the 12-inch wheels right up to the seat cover and even the side mirrors. Some flame decals can be seen on the front mudguard and side panels with the Justin Bieber name on them, but that’s pretty much it. Oh, there’s also a matching helmet seen being worn by Bieber himself in the video (also all white).

Dealers around the world have begun collecting pre-bookings for this special edition Vespa, including here in Malaysia where one dealer posted that they’ve already received over 20 bookings and interests for the Justin Bieber X Vespa model. No word on price yet, but judging from the info, it won’t be a limited edition model and it’ll most likely be way above the RM20,000 price tag.

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