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Lubricate Your Chain The Easy Way With Tutoro



Motorcycle chain maintenance, along with the regular oil changes and making sure you have a set tires that still have a good shape is necessary for safe riding. The drive chain is responsible to transmit power from the engine to their rear wheels.

The drive chain is typically the dirtiest parts of your bike, and this dirt is bad news for bike performance. A chain that is ignored will break and this leads to either having a damaged engine or gets stuck to the rear wheel causing it to slide and on rare occasions the chain will fly off the bike without making contact with anything and this has happened to me.

As a biker who has no desire to maintain anything but only to enjoy it got me thinking that it’s not worth it hence I started looking for a set of chain oiler, I found plenty of them but I wanted something that is value for money.


I decided to the Tutoro automatic chain oiling device.

The first ride out I was very skeptical as I was unsure if the lubricant was going to drip on to the tire,
But I was amazed once I stopped as the tires were in the same condition as I had started. In fact the plastics on the bike are totally clean from oil deposits and the only residue I can find are little splatters on the left side wheel rim. This modification will pay for itself very quickly in time and my only regret regarding the Tutoro automatic chain oiling device is that I didn’t fit and use the device years ago.

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