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Ohlins TTXGP On Honda CBR600RR Repsol


20150701_101243 We’ve just install the Ohlins TTXGP Rear Shock onto our project bike, the Honda CBR600RR Repsol Edition. This piece of marvel raises the level of performance that is learned from the experiences gained from MotoGP and WSBK. The shock offers rebounding, compression, length adjustment and hose mounted hydraulic preload adjuster. Almost instantaneously, we could feel a much better handling especially when it comes to exiting the apex. We will put in more testing especially in track.

For more information about Ohlins TTXGP, feel free to contact [ilink url=”https://www.facebook.com/takongmotorcycle?fref=ts”]Takong Racing[/ilink] 20150701_101012 20150701_101023 20150701_101057

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