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Washing Your Chain And Sprocket With Selleys Engine Degreaser


DSC_0331[box]Words : Nic Wang | Photos : Nic Wang[/box]

We often lube our chain and most of the time, the chain will get dirty eventually and when the lubricants turned into grimes, you won’t be able to imagine how many of those grime and grease deposits around the sprocket and the front sprocket cover.

Regardless of you being a clean freak or a dirty swine, your chain somehow needs a fresh coat of lubricants occasionally to ensure a longer lifespan. I am not sure about others but I lubricate my chain every week after my Sunday ride.




In order to do so, I need to clean the chain, removing it from the grime and grease before applying a fresh coat. I’ve tried Motul chain cleaner and it doesn’t work, need to use cloth to clean it after we spray the chain cleaner. I’ve tried the world’s famous WD-40 and same result; I need to wipe the grime and grease away after spraying. I can’t say both of this doesn’t work, it’s more like I’m lazy to wipe it.


One fine day as I was shopping for my car care product, I came across this Sellars Engine Degreaser. It caught my attention when the instructions said just spray with water after you’ve spray the degreaser. Wiping is not needed. That is something I’ve been looking for.

Selleys Engine Degrease is an aerosol degreaser, which dissolves and removes grease and oil quickly, from engines, machinery parts etc. Dissolves grease and oil. Engine Degrease will not harm lacquer or paintwork and most importantly, it is Made in Australia.

So I spray some onto the sprocket and the result is instantaneously. The grease starts to come off from the sprocket and chain. After hosing it with clean water, the sprocket and chain looks like new; and effortless I might add. A gentle reminder, it’s ability to clean with ease means it may contain a strong chemical; please make sure you lubricate your chain thoroughly after cleaning.

Selleys Engine Degreaser is available at AEON for only RM14.90

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